Diamonds can be found in a 12,000 sq. ft. wave pool.


Hear me out… The phrase, “Will You Marry Me?” – A phrase that can change the future of two people and create a lifetime of happiness. Every little girl dreams of that engagement ring and responding, “Yes”. By now, you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with Kalahari and the waterpark? You know, we have had weddings performed on the top of slide towers before and even though that is a fun story, that’s for another day.  This is a story, a true story might I add, about an engagement ring.

The disappointment:

Picture this; you’ve just got engaged, you’ve got the perfect ring, and now you’re celebrating with us at Kalahari Resorts in Ohio. You’ve conquered a few slides, relaxed in the swim-up bar, but now it is time to hit up the Wave Pool for a little bit more excitement.  Everything is going swimmingly (pun intended); not a single thing could ruin the day. Then it happens.

Lazy River Kalahari Resorts

The realization you’ve just lost the diamond in your engagement ring! It was sparkling on your hand just 10 minutes ago, but now there’s nothing but the empty prongs. The perfect sparkling engagement diamond now lies somewhere within 12,000 sq. ft. wave pool swarming with people.

Wave pool Kalahari Resorts Ohio

The frantic couple did what you would expect, searching around with their feet, feeling the ground for any uncommon bump beneath their feet. Lifeguards and nearby guests noticed the panic and joined to help in, but it seemed as though all luck was lost. Unfortunately this hopeless story, this did recently happen this past month in our waterpark to two of our amazing guests. You could not believe the look of disappointment and lost hope on her face. Simply heart breaking.

The time to smile:  

In hindsight, I think our team did what anyone would do at that moment, but what makes this such a great story to go on telling, is the outcome. Later that day, some of the guards were really bothered but her losing her diamond. Maybe it was human nature, maybe some of them could relate, maybe it was her look of lost hope they used as motivation, but no matter the reason, they took it upon themselves to diligently sift through the wave pool filters for the next couple days. If you think about how many guests go through our waterpark and almost all enter the wave pool, this is no easy challenge.

Two days later the young couple received a phone call, “Ma’am, we’ve found the diamond to your engagement ring!”

While we are in the business of making memories and I see it happen every day, this was a first for me. And you know what… this story makes me smile just that much more.