Making Guests Cry is a Good Thing

Don’t take that the wrong way, we don’t often make guests cry, but without a doubt when it happens, they are always tears of joy.

Here’s the story: Although most people don’t like to draw attention to the fact that they’re a year older (at some point in life that loses its luster very quickly… I’d say for me it happened right around 28), when that actual day rolls around, my birthday, I am sure to make all about me! After all, it is my day! I love being able to decide what the family does all day long. Needless to say, when I heard this story about a guest staying with us Kalahari Resorts on her birthday I could immediately relate.

Happy Birthday

Back to making guests cry… this summer, we have amazing interns. Plucked from the pack of applicants for their talents, work-ethic, and compassion, it’s no wonder this moment was created by our intern Chrissy. Now Chrissy is not one to brag, so I didn’t discover these events until scrolling on Facebook one day. Here’s how it went:

Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells Main Lobby

One of our amazing guests was checking in and Chrissy just happened to notice it was that guest’s birthday that very same day. Chrissy wasted no time in getting that guest upgraded and slapped that infamous Birthday Pin on her. She was so moved by this simple gesture Chrissy did for her, she began to cry. Of course, tears of joy.

It's My Birthday at Kalahari Resorts

Two lessons learned here. 1: Giving just a little bit of unexpected extra, is ALWAYS a good thing and 2: I hope Chrissy is around when it is my Birthday!