I’ve often tried to sum up the “Kalahari way of life”, how it stems from the top down… but never have I had the perfect words to describe it. You have to live it, see it, feel it. But at the end of the day, I still need to let guests gain an inkling of insight as to why we all have passion about what we do. With that being said… I said I have never been able to come up with the perfect words, but Ms. Tiffany below has. I do this letter to our owner, Mr. Nelson no justice. So please read on. I promise you won’t regret it.

July 6, 2013

Dearest Mr. Nelson,

My family and I chose to stay at Kalahari Resorts over the 4th of July holiday. This being our very first trip to the Dells we purchased an online package that included a little bit of everything. This package offered complimentary breakfast at the Great Karoo each morning during our stay.

Mr Nelson auctioning at age 16

On July 4th I had the pleasure of meeting you. Now looking back to that morning perhaps I answered your question a little too harshly. You had simply asked, “How was everything?” and well you know the rest…

Todd Pizza Pub we deliver anywhere

To explain a little of my harshness I must go into brief detail. I have spent my entire life in the hospitality industry. No I’m not bragging either, as you know it’s difficult to go anywhere in the business and not be judgmental. Sometimes I even forget that I am on vacation! After I had told you about our breakfast experience you decided to purchase my Strawberry Mimosa. Not only did you comp my drink but we were treated like royalty the next morning. I tried to thank you in person but was only able to thank you son. This is when I was told that you were not the host or busboy but the owner of the Kalahari.

Mr. Nelson tossing a pizza

It was then when my opinion of the previous day had changed. The day I met you your face was covered in sweat, you were clearing tables, and running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to get out of the weeds. In all of the years that I have worked 75+ hours a week, I have only seen 1 other owner work alongside their employees. Needless to say it doesn’t happen often. One would assume that the owner of the Kalahari would be in a 3 piece suit in an air conditioned office somewhere. Instead, you showed that you cared about your guests, employees and have a fire driven passion for your company.

Therefore, I am giving back your $6 for my mimosa. And I would like to buy you a drink, so here is another $10. Any owner that is willing to work as hard as you do deserves a cocktail in my book! I’m glad I chose the Kalahari! Thank you for everything Mr. Nelson!

Best Wishes,