If you had the chance to save a child from a few tears, would you?! If you said anything other than, “of course!” this one is not for you. Not to tell you what to do, but you can stop reading now. If you shrugged your shoulders with total agreement, this will brighten your day and I couldn’t wait to tell it!

A couple weeks ago, a little boy had a medical event that very rudely interrupted his fun at Kalahari Resorts and he needed to take a trip to the emergency room. In the midst of the obvious chaos, this little guy’s parents came back to the resort the next morning to gather their belongings and checkout so as to be with their son. During that hectic process, something very important got left behind. Pup Pup, this little boy’s stuffed dog and best friend. Pup Pup was left behind to fend for himself in this dog-eat-dog world.

So, here we are. We have one scared little boy in the hospital and Pup Pup missing his bestie.

It was at this moment when we called in the troops. Who better to show Pup Pup around than Kenya?

They were able to get into Spa Kalahari for a massage.


Lounge around pool side.


Refresh with a Virgin Daiquiri.


Float around the Lazy River.


Collide in the Bumper Boats.


Go around and around and around the Merry-Go-Round.


Then we were like Pup Pup, look… you’ve been everywhere, you might as well work with us!


We were having so much fun with Pup Pup, we almost forgot his bestie was absolutely frantic. He had been crying himself to sleep for a couple nights in his mother’s arms. We needed to get Pup Pup home FAST. We scheduled a red-eye home.

As we were anxiously getting Pup Pup ready for his voyage, you can imagine we were getting some looks of curiosity. I mean, Pup Pup had been causing a scene with all the fun he was having. Someone finally asked us what we were up to. I told her the story of her owner and Pup Pup wanting to hang out a little longer. Turns out, this lady’s son suffered from the same medical condition as Pup Pup’s owner, and she was beyond moved. She rushed us over to Safari Clothing and bought Pup Pup’s owner a shirt to send along home with Pup Pup.

The next morning, Pup Pup & Kenya made it home safely.


Pup Pup, we had a blast! Come back to visit anytime.