There is something rare and precious that we value at Kalahari. And that’s family time. With hectic work, school and sports schedules, there’s seems to be a lot less of it these days. Even for our own family. Of course, we realize we’re preaching to the choir about the importance of family time. We know you get it just by the fact that you’re interested in us. And we hope you know we get it—because Kalahari is certainly a family affair.

The Nelson Family

We’re more than just family owned and operated. All of Todd Nelson’s family, including parents, sisters, children, nephews, nieces, in-laws all participate in the success of Kalahari. Now, let’s be honest, working with family every day is not a complete joy (after all, we are all human), but in the end, we would never have it any other way.

African Sunset

In fact, it was on a family voyage to Africa over 12 years ago that we hit upon the theme for our new waterpark resort. On that visit, we developed a rich connection to this awe-inspiring continent and a desire to share the beauty, intrigue and spirit of Africa with our future guests. Which is why you’ll find authentic African artifacts and art throughout our resort.


But we want it to be more than just that. Our dream is to infuse the best of Africa into everything you experience at Kalahari. From hand selected coffee from small scale farms in Rwanda to exciting new water rides inspired by white water rafting down the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe.

Devil's Pool

Now, we return on another epic (of course family-filled) journey back to Africa. In search of new treasures, tastes and adventures to help bring your family as close to Africa as we possibly can. From Kalahari Resorts to the Kalahari Desert, from our family to yours, we present the One World Tour 2014. Please, join us.

One world logo

Meet the family

Todd Nelson Sr. and Shari Nelson, creators and owners of Kalahari Resorts (also known as Mom and Dad.)

Todd Jr

Todd Jr. is our resident foodie and is always on the hunt for new tastes and flavors. Unfortunately his wife Kimberly had to stay back with their little one, Todd Nelson III but not to worry, we kept her fully connected (that is, when we had a connection).

Megan & Travis

Newlyweds Travis and Megan met us in Africa at the end of their honeymoon. Talk about family devotion. Back in the grind at Kalahari, you can find Travis in our accounting department as a Financial Analyst or on his better days, we label him as our Chief Waterpark Tester.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.32.41 AM

Trained as a professional water skier, we’re counting on Caleb to take part in some of our more extreme activities. While Ashley, his very soon to be wife and one of the twin girls, can occasionally be persuaded to take part in the more adventurous activities or you will find her nervous watching her hubby from the side. Back home, she is one of the best Catering Managers you’ll find.

Alissa & Bob

A keen animal lover, Alissa will no doubt connect to the creatures we see on our African adventure. One of Todd’s twin girls, and a mother to two boys, Nelson & Ace, Alissa recently released her own clothing line for animal lovers, Peace. Love. Paws. Her husband, Bob, is our resident PGA Pro and Director of Sales at our Trappers Turn Golf Club.

Corey & Natasha

As an interior designer for Kalahari and Todd’s eldest daughter, Natasha will be finding tons of inspiration while building lasting relationships with African entrepreneurs and artisans. Her husband, Cory, is one of Kalahari’s Financial Analysts and premier hacky-sack extraordinaire. Cory and Natasha have two beautiful little ones, Cecelia and Sawyer.

As they say in Botswana—“kick off your shoes, relax and let’s join together as one big family.”