Africa has been called the cradle of life. So it’s only fitting that one of her greatest gifts to the world is a belief about the very essence of what it means to be human. It’s called ubuntu.

The simple translation is “I am because we are.” Which means my humanity is tied to yours. We are all interconnected. From Swaziland to Sandusky. From the Dells to Dar es Salaam, we all inhabit one heart, one world.

This one world connection is evident the moment you step into a Kalahari resort. As the Nelson family has filled each location with authentic African art and meaningful artifacts from their yearly sojourn to Africa.

But like any good story, there’s so much more than meets the eye. Every item at Kalahari has a special provenance. A rich backstory that deserves to be told.

For a lot of people a trip to Africa will probably never happen. But a visit to Kalahari will bring them very close.

Because the Nelsons have been there, now you can go too. This is what takes Kalahari beyond a waterpark and convention center. And beyond expectations. Because at every turn, there’s an authentic piece of African magic waiting to be discovered. Experienced. And savored.

Connecting you to Kalahari’s African roots and the spirit of ubuntu.

TableTop Mountain

The chance to be a part of one beat, one heart, one world.